We have noticed that some companies prefer to sell you new gear rather than repairing it. Often old equipment has good bones and will keep on keeping on, while much of the more recent equipment seems to be designed so that it fails just outside of warranty. Affordable Pool Service are quick to respond and come to you to either fix on the spot or take for diagnostic tests, so you can make an informed decision.

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Common Pool Restoration Brisbane Repairs

Pump Repair
A quick response to noisiness or dampness under pumps can save you the cost of buying a new one. An average size pump repair may be between $270 and $470, including re-installation.

Have three main causes of failure. The biggest offender is the chlorinator cell, costs ranging between $370 and $700+ (including re-installation).
The Chlorinator Circuit Board or Power Pack may be also misbehaving.

Other issues
•Skimmer box/Loss of suction
•Pool cleaners

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Fix my pool – Good independent guidance

Affordable Pool Service will suggest to not repair if the repair cost will come anywhere near the price of new but with a new warranty. The best part about Affordable Pool Service is we are fully independent. This means we are not restricted to any big brands names, and we believe there are often much better (and less expensive) choices with acceptable warranty periods.

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Fix my with pool restoration Brisbane

Hover over the below photos to give you an idea of just some of many common sorts of issues that can be rectified!



  • pump repair service
    Wear & Tear
    All types of cleaners do a lot of work and at some point something will wear out and reduce its effectiveness. Replacement parts and installation can be frustrating, so let Affordable Pool Service help.
  • pool water doctor
    Sand Filter
    This is a photo of sand from a sand filter returning to the pool!! This is usually a fairly simple and inexpensive fix prix pour du viagra.Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and Tix
  • pool repair
    Skimmer Box
    Skimmer box setups can vary and depending on what falls in to your pool, Affordable Pool Service can help with getting the best out of your skimmer box peut on prendre viagra.
  • Pool repairing
    Pool light
    This model of light had water penetration and corroded cabling inside. Affordable Pool Service simply replaced the bulb rewired and resealed to make water-tight again acheter viagra paypal.
  • Repairing
    Water leak
    This was a water leak found under a water feature leading back to the pool doctissimo le viagra.  Removal of mosaic tiles sealant treatment to sub-straight.  Leak no more.
    Welcome to our Blog.
    <img class=" wp-image-707" src="" alt="" width="411" height="415" srcset=" 297w, 150w, achat le viagra.png 768w, 700w, 800w, 801w" sizes="(max-width: 411px) 100vw, 411px" />With regular pool service you need not worry about the health of your pool. Hiring professional swimming pool cleaning services assist you at every step during the entire maintenance procedure of keeping your pool clean and sparkling. Pool cleaning specialists have the expertise and tools to make the entire process of cleaning your pool less stressful. For this purpose, one can search for an experienced and reliable cheap-priced pool cleaning services. Ask for quotes from various companies to get an idea of which one is cost-effective and offer best pool service Different companies offer different services, and therefore, it is important to choose one that best suit your requirements. Given below is a list of some services offered by pool cleaning agencies to gather some inspiration: A Thorough Cleaning Of Your Swimming Pool Professional pool cleaning specialists have the tools and expertise to perform a thorough swimming pool cleaning. Their services normally include: Brushing of walls, floors and steps Skimming the debris Vacuuming the whole area Cleaning all the filters and baskets Checking the pool equipment whether they are working in a proper order Checking The Water Levels Companies have the required equipment to check and maintain the level of water, which is essential for a healthy pool. It is normal that the water level can recede due to evaporation, but if there is a drastic change in the level, that might be a sign of a possible leakage. Pool specialists are able to evaluate such leaks and have the necessary tools to rectify the issue. Maintaining The Water Chemistry An appropriate chemical balance is essential for keeping the water fresh and safe. Pool specialists know the necessary treatments to balance the acidity and alkalinity. In addition to this, they are equipped with the pool cleaning products that helps in killing bacteria and harmful algae. Mostly, services would examine the chemical levels, and use imperative products and tools to maintain the water chemistry of your pool. Regular Maintenance Following a routine service-maintenance regime extends the life of your pool and its components. Most of the companies examine the pool equipment during every visit, to ensure its smooth functioning. If small problems are not identified at an initial stage, they can culminate into much greater and more expensive issues. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a pool service technician as they have the expertise to detect these errors and resolve them. Click In Menu bar above to get to our pool service package.  
  • Drowning in Brisbane
    Kids Drowning in Brisbane Pools - What to be aware of:
    <a href=" viagra pharmacie prix.jpg"> Wrong mentality for pool fence security!   It’s not even into Summer yet and we have witnessed several casualties and near drowning in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  As we at Affordable Pool Service are out in the field entering many pool environments we happen to see the state of many pool fence perimeters and with concern there are still many pool fences with failures.  First of all, if you are not sure if your pool fence would stand up to the ruling that make a pool fence compliant (please see link below) feel free to make contact with us through our website and we can assist with your woes (  Affordable Pool Service often provides a quick pool gate adjustments upon request when we have brought the issue to light as faulty closing/ locking  pool gate is one of the main offenders.  I urge pool owners to make it a priority this weekend to inspect the proper functioning of their pool fence perimeter and especially the functionality of all pool gates.  If you discover that your pool gate does not retract from all open distances, you may need a hinge adjustment or replacement. A second issue can be the gate lock latch.  Quite often the pool fence has moved out of shape from subtle land subsidence and the lock/latch is now missing its target, you can also make adjustments to rectify this displacement, or sometimes the lock/latch has just expired and it’s time to replace it altogether!  Thirdly, open voids over 100mm is a squeeze through point so you may do a quick fix right now by screwing off something that will cover this void making sure it is not climbable.  Climbable things close to pool fencing are just like a ladder to you and me. For more info about the rulings please check this link to Pool Fence Compliant rules. ( Did you know of dry drowning after the little ons are out of the pool? I have to say I didn’t know this but I’am glad I know now. Have a read of this article I found on ( Please be proactive and let’s stop drowning in Brisbane  as kids are not the ones with the wrong mentality for pool fence security! Kind regards to our recent young ones we have lost or ready this swimming season 2016. Kids Drowning in Brisbane Pools – What to be aware of:    
  • Biteing bugs in my pool
    Biting bugs in your pool
    Boatman bug and Backswimmers Biting bugs in your pool?? So why and how get rid of them! First we have the non biting bug on the left which is commonly known as the Boatman. The Boatman will show up in your pool when the water conditions line up, these are warm water, no/ little water flow during the hottest part of the day and limited Chlorine level. FOOD that is algae growth. Next bug on the right is commonly known as the Back Swimmer. This bug bites humans with its praying mantis like barbed clasping arms. The Back Swimmer will turn up in your pool when there is a food source! In this case the food is the Boatman and other small aquatic creatures living in your pool. So the end goal now is to remove and food, these include any leaf debris and small algae deposits that are usually found on steps, shelves, in grout joints pool cleaner and around fixed in pool objects like the pool lights the skimmer box opening. Ridding the aqua pest from your pool means that you have to remove the food source. Elevate chlorine level to around 4-6 parts per million Correct p.H. to 7.4 Remove all organic matter from pool Add an algaecide following the lable measurment for the kiloleters in you pool. Scrub the whole pool surface with large nylon/steel pool brush Re-apply algaecide one week later as per follow up treatment advised on label Again scrub the whole pool surface with large nylon/steel pool brush Reduce chlorine level back to 3 parts per million Hope you have great success in resolving biting bugs in your pool.  
  • Pool Heating
    Affordable Solar Pool Heating Brisbane
                 Heating your pool with solar Haven't you just loved this Summer and retreating to your pool for a warm pleasant dip? Now, as the nights get cooler but the days remain hot, you may find the water of your pool is now a bit below the Summer's day ambient temperature. This may reduce your appetite to get in the pool. This is an unfortunate situation as Brisbanites are lucky, we are perfectly geographically placed to take advantage of solar pool heating.  Imagine gaining 2-4 extra months of the year for swimming by reducing water temperature loss. Affordable Pool Service know the upkeep for your pool required all year round, so consider how much it would be worth to install a pool solar system this year that will give you 2-4 months above 27' of extra swimming every year there on after. Bring on the solar pool heating baby!!!!! Just a quick look at the temperatures that can be achieved in an allround benchmark typical pool. Pool Solar Heating Example General solar installation 32 M2 of pool surface = around $4000 for year on year heated pool aiming for temperatures  above 27 degrees More and more people a looking to aqua therapy as a private and safe way to stay on top of personal health and stress management. Riding bikes on busy roads/Gym membership is not for everyone, so set your health regime at home. Are you also aware of how easy it is to convert your typical salt water pool into a mineral pool where your skin can absorb needed minerals such as Magnesium Sulphate and Potassium? These minerals have well know health benefits for your hair, nails, skin and nervous system. Swimming is a great range of body movement which is great for your lymphatic system. Low No Impact for all body joints. Get back in your body and feel good, the game's not over yet. All in all it is a great privilege to own a swimming pool in Brisbane. After your days over, you can dive into your solar heated pool at 7:00pm and swim 10 laps comfortably and you will be getting the the benefits you desire. For more details feel free to engage by dropping us an email and list some points of interest. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank. Fields marked with an * are required I am interested in: * General Enquiry Service Package Maintenance Enquiry Message