We have noticed that some companies prefer to sell you new gear rather than repairing it. Often old equipment has good bones and will keep on keeping on, while much of the more recent equipment seems to be designed so that it fails just outside of warranty. Affordable Pool Service are quick to respond and come to you to either fix on the spot or take for diagnostic tests, so you can make an informed decision.

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Fix my pool – Good independent guidance

Affordable Pool Service will suggest to not repair if the repair cost will come anywhere near the price of new but with a new warranty. The best part about Affordable Pool Service is we are fully independent. This means we are not restricted to any big brands names, and we believe there are often much better (and less expensive) choices with acceptable warranty periods.

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Common Pool Restoration Brisbane Repairs

Pump Repair
A quick response to noisiness or dampness under pumps can save you the cost of buying a new one. An average size pump repair may be between $270 and $470, including re-installation.

Have three main causes of failure. The biggest offender is the chlorinator cell, costs ranging between $370 and $700+ (including re-installation).
The Chlorinator Circuit Board or Power Pack may be also misbehaving.

Other issues
•Skimmer box/Loss of suction
•Pool cleaners

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