Time for an upgrade?

At Affordable Pool Service we want you to receive only what you really want and need!

We are independent and therefor not chained to any particular big brand name equipment suppliers. This lets us help you choose the best product for the job in your particular case – products that we can stand behind because we know and trust their quality.

Affordable Pool Service covers:

•  Pool tools, nets, poles etc.
•  Daisy Pool Covers
•  Solar Heating Pool Covers
•  Solar Heating
•  Pool Ladders and Rails
•  Pool cleaners and robots
•  Lighting and transformers
•  Pool and spa heating
•  Pumps/Energy efficient pumps
•  Chlorinator Systems
• Non Chlorinator systems
• Filtration (not just pools and spas)
• Special mineral water compositions for health
• Repair/renew to hard pool surfaces
• Assist in full pool revamp

Just ask about what we can help with.

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