Acid & Chlorine Wash

Restored to look new again!

Don’t dispair, most pools can be restored to look fresh and new again!

Proper cleaning and maintenance help avoid unnecessary acid and chlorine washes for your pool. Acid Pool And Chlorine Washes are only done when the pool has become so stained and marked; it is necessary to drain and wash it.


A chlorine wash is most generally used during green pool syndrome and needs us to empty it. Owners generally grapple with Green Pools in the summer months, but your pool’s water chemistry can create algae to begin at any time of the year. A Chlorine wash is used to kill bacteria growing in your pool; it disinfects everything allowing you to start with a new, clean pool! A Chlorine rinse will destroy all bacteria and but won’t eliminate stains. Removing stains will most likely need an Acidic pool wash.


An acidic pool wash also requires draining your pool and removes a thin layer of plaster from the walls. If there is calcium build-up, discolouration, or staining, an acidic pool wash is needed to repair your pool to new.

Only professionals should provide these maintenance services. Affordable  staff are trained in applying chemicals, and they wear appropriate clothing and masks during usage of chemicals. In addition, we take great care in containing the cleaning agents and giving you a safe environment.