09 Nov 2016

Unwanted organic matter in your pool

Unwanted organic matter in your pool

How does unwanted organic matter in your pool affect your pool?

As the new pool season gets under way you may need to adjust the chlorine output/content in your pool. Brisbane temperatures from late Spring, Summer to early Autumn will rand between 28′ -38′ which plays a role in higher water temperatures of your swimming pool, so it can be a delicate balance of not having enough chlorine and especially having TOO MUCH chlorine present in your pool water! Optimal Chlorine levels for the swimming season should be maintained close as possible to 2.5 and 3.5 PPM considering with all the other pool chemistry is also optimally balanced along with adequate pool system running times and regular maintenance. This can help ensure that you and your family will be swimming in healthy and safe water environment.

So what is the crack with unwanted organic matter in your pool? Warm water temperatures help the natural process of the decompensation of all organic matter which you find will at first will gradually breakdown and provide food for algae (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/algae) and soon after and can overcome the chlorine present in the water to keep the water sanitized as further organic matter break down increases the easily eatable food for the growing numbers of algae. In point consider what types of organic matter we are talking about, I suspect the least troubling matter start with basic tree leaves moving onwards to sticks, branches, nuts, palm fronds, berries to the high end of now dead animals like lizards, small snakes, mice, rats, birds, toads, possums and I have even seen a small to medium Kangaroo.

As you can imagine that the dead animals provide a significantly higher food source will be trouble. A dead bird in your pool in just two days can rapidly over through the ability for the chlorine content in your water to sanitize. So if you notice these types of unwanted organic matter in your pool that has gone for a swim but never left it goes without saying to immediately collect and remove. You may even want to double check your still existent chlorine levels in pool to be in the range of 2.5 and 3.5 PPM. If your pool side chemical knowledge is not the best or your time is precious, and feel you would like an expert to help with keeping your pool in a healthy, safe and clean environment you may want to take advantage of our regular top to bottom pool service package.