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Heating your pool with solar

Haven’t you just loved this Summer and retreating to your pool for a warm pleasant dip?

Now as the nights get cooler but the days remain hot you may find the water temperture of your pool is now a bit below the Summer’s day ambeant temperture which may reduce your appertite to get in the pool.  This is unfortunate situation as Brisbaneites are lucky as we are perfertly placed to take advantage of solar pool heating thus gaining 2-4 xtra months of the year for swimming. Just due to water temperature loss.

Being in the pool trade and we know the up keep for your pool required all year round, so consider how much it would be worth to install a pool solar system this year that will give you 2-4 months abouve 27′ of extra swimming every year there on after.

Bring the solar heating on baby….. Just a quick look at the temperatures that can be achieved with a allround benchmark typical pool can produce….

General solar installation (example) 32 M2 of pool surface = around $4000 for year on year heated pool aming for tempertures  above 27 degrees

All offer a 10 year warranty to would look like on paper add up to $400 a year for an extra 90-120 days on todays inflation price.

More and more people a looking to aqua therapy as a private and safe way to stay on top of personal health and stress management.

Riding bikes on busy roads/ Gym membership is not for eveyone so set your health regime at home. Are you also aware of how easy it is to convert your typical salt water pool into a mineral pool where your skin can absorb needed minerals such as Magnesium Sulphate and Potassium.? These minerals have well know health benefits for your hair, nails, skin and nervous system.

Swimming is a great range of body movement which is great for your lymphatic system.

Low no Impact for all body joints.

Get back in your body and feel good and spritely, the games not over yet.

All in all it is a great privilege to own a swimming pool in Brisbane.

After your days over, you can dive into your pool at 7:00pm and swim 10 laps comfertly and you will be getting the the benifits you desire.

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