The good, old fashioned suction hose pool cleaner has been doing a good job for a long, long time, but as you have probably experienced they have their hang ups. These include:

  1. Larger debris like sticks, bark, nuts and long strappy leaves clog up the cleaner and it stops.
  2. The skimmer basket gets full and puts pressure on the whole pool system.
  3. Cleaner gets stuck on corners, steps, pool lights and just won’t clean certain parts of the pool.
  4. The replacement of pool hoses and many other parts cost $$$


When the skimmer box is used to run a suction cleaner you have taken away one of your swimming pools best functions which is its ability to skim the debris from the surface of the pool and automatically skim it away to the skimmer box.  Another point is the actual pool hose is a major restriction of good flow for the whole system. Imagine drawing water with your mouth through a garden hose and how much effort that is.  Skimmer baskets get prematurely laced with debris and the flow rate of water going through the filter and chlorinator becomes inhibited causing poor filtration, chlorination and unneeded pressure on pool hardware.

Robot Cleaner Advantages

A good robot pool cleaner will even help out with the filtering of the water as they can even collect fine particles as small as one micron. This also lessens the strain on your pool filter and means even better flow less backwashing or the manual cleaning of a cartridge filter.

The use of sunscreen, cosmetics and body fats contributes to a build-up on water/tile line which can be easily managed by programing your robot to perform an extensive scrub and polish on a regular basis.  Fewer chemicals are needed, simply because you don’t waste as much water with backwashes.  It’s been said by an electrical company, robots showed to consume up to 83% less electricity than traditional pool cleaners.  If you have an energy efficient pool pump you can now run the pump at lower RPM as it doesn’t need to cater to a suction cleaner.

If you are in the market to purchase a robot pool cleaner here are a few tips to look for when choosing:

  1. Top loading basket canister for easy removal and cleaning.
  2. A swivel point on power cable, because the cable will need to be untangled occasionally.
  3. The ability to clean the floor AND walls/water tile line.
  4. Enough cable length to plug in to power and reach far end of pool.
  5. A turbine water jet that encourages fine slit debris to be up in suspension to be collected by skimmer box.
  6. Easy to use controller box software.
  7. Avoid cheap no name robots as replacement parts may not exist or are expensive.

Generally, the cost of a good robots will range between $1000 and $2000 or more if you want some of the extra bells and whistles.
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