Biting bugs in your pool??
So why and how get rid of them!
First we have the non biting bug on the left which is commonly known as the Boatman. The Boatman will show up in your pool when the water conditions line up, these are warm water, no/ little water flow during the hottest part of the day and limited Chlorine level. FOOD that is algae growth. Next bug on the right is commonly known as the Back Swimmer. This bug bites humans with its praying mantis like barbed clasping arms. The Back Swimmer will turn up in your pool when there is a food source! In this case the food is the Boatman and other small aquatic creatures living in your pool. So the end goal now is to remove and food, these include any leaf debris and small algae deposits that are usually found on steps, shelves, in grout joints pool cleaner and around fixed in pool objects like the pool lights the skimmer box opening.

Ridding the aqua pest from your pool means that you have to remove the food source.

  • Elevate chlorine level to around 4-6 parts per million
  • Correct p.H. to 7.4
  • Remove all organic matter from pool
  • Add an algaecide following the lable measurment for the kiloleters in you pool.
  • Scrub the whole pool surface with large nylon/steel pool brush
  • Re-apply algaecide one week later as per follow up treatment advised on label
  • Again scrub the whole pool surface with large nylon/steel pool brush
  • Reduce chlorine level back to 3 parts per million

Hope you have great success in resolving biting bugs in your pool.

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