12 Nov 2016
Drowning in Brisbane

Kids Drowning in Brisbane Pools – What to be aware of:

<a href=”http://affordablepoolservice.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Pool-fence-open viagra pharmacie prix.jpg”>Drowning in Brisbane

Wrong mentality for pool fence security!


It’s not even into Summer yet and we have witnessed several casualties and near drowning in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  As we at Affordable Pool Service are out in the field entering many pool environments we happen to see the state of many pool fence perimeters and with concern there are still many pool fences with failures.  First of all, if you are not sure if your pool fence would stand up to the ruling that make a pool fence compliant (please see link below) feel free to make contact with us through our website and we can assist with your woes (http://www.affordablepoolservice.com.au).  Affordable Pool Service often provides a quick pool gate adjustments upon request when we have brought the issue to light as faulty closing/ locking  pool gate is one of the main offenders.  I urge pool owners to make it a priority this weekend to inspect the proper functioning of their pool fence perimeter and especially the functionality of all pool gates.  If you discover that your pool gate does not retract from all open distances, you may need a hinge adjustment or replacement. A second issue can be the gate lock latch.  Quite often the pool fence has moved out of shape from subtle land subsidence and the lock/latch is now missing its target, you can also make adjustments to rectify this displacement, or sometimes the lock/latch has just expired and it’s time to replace it altogether!  Thirdly, open voids over 100mm is a squeeze through point so you may do a quick fix right now by screwing off something that will cover this void making sure it is not climbable.  Climbable things close to pool fencing are just like a ladder to you and me. For more info about the rulings please check this link to Pool Fence Compliant rules.


Did you know of dry drowning after the little ons are out of the pool? I have to say I didn’t know this but I’am glad I know now. Have a read of this article I found on Kidspot.com


Please be proactive and let’s stop drowning in Brisbane  as kids are not the ones with the wrong mentality for pool fence security!

Kind regards to our recent young ones we have lost or ready this swimming season 2016.

Kids Drowning in Brisbane Pools – What to be aware of: